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1854 Dresden ‐ 1929 Düsseldorf
„In front of the windmill“, 1884
13 x 21 cm
Oil on wood
Fine Art, Up to 5,000 €, Spring exhibition

Galerie Paffrath

4,800 €
The windmill looks majestic with its huge wind turbine that protrudes from the picture. On the left is a hut, in front of which a clothesline with items of clothing is stretched. A windmill can be seen behind it. In the stubble fields in the foreground, an old couple prepares their meal over a small fire. The smoke mixes with the cloudy sky. Next to it, a gray horse is waiting frugally pulling a car. The brushstrokes are clearly recognizable through the impasto painting style. The furrows in the paint represent the windy weather well.

Weitere Werke des Künstlers

4,800 €