Schiøttz-Jensen, Niels Frederik: Summer life on the beach, 1909-10
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1855 Vordingborg – 1941 Copenhagen
„Summer life on the beach“, 1909-10
51 x 77 cm
Oil on canvas
Fine Art, Spring exhibition

Galerie Paffrath

19,500 €
At first it was realistic street scenes with which he impressed the audience. Later it was mainly beach scenes, such as “Summer Life on the Beach”, which was created between 1909 and 1910. In the foreground, two women and a man have relaxed on the sand on Lønstrup beach and are deep in conversation. A little further away, two ladies in white are also enjoying the beach scenery. The yellow sand takes up most of the image area through the high dune and only opens up to the sea and sky in the upper right quarter. Schiøttz-Jensen succeeds in capturing the cheerful, summery mood and creating an atmosphere of relaxation and joie de vivre.