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1867 Nolde ‐ 1956 Seebüll
“Red evening sun”, 1946
22,5 x 26,4 cm
Watercolour on Japanese paper
Bon Voyage, Masterpieces

Galerie Paffrath

265,000 €
In 1945/1946 Ada and Emil Nolde went to St. Peter on the North Sea coast, where Ada would recover from a long heart condition in a sanatorium. After the end of the war, Nolde could easily devote himself to watercolour painting. Nolde himself wrote: “I had already painted quite happily in the first summer after that and I was still able to paint! One hardly knew whether it was still possible. […] The colours flowed in chords. ”(Emil Nolde, Liberation 1945-1946, quoted from: Emil Nolde, Mein Leben, 1976).

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245,000 €