Mönsted, Peder: Spring Day with Forest Anemones, 1892
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1859 Grenaa ‐ 1941 Fredensborg
„Spring Day with Forest Anemones“, 1892
54 x 78 cm
Oil on canvas
Fine Art, Spring exhibition

Galerie Paffrath

29,000 €
The work “Spring Day with Forest Anemones” is convincing not only because of its precise painting style, but also through its elongated format, which is a surprising panorama view of the motif of a forest scene. Mönsted manages to create an exciting scene. In the center, a red-brown path leads through a deciduous forest. Since the trees are just beginning to bear the first leaves, the light falls unhindered to the forest floor. Last year’s red-brown foliage is still on the mossy ground, while entire colonies of white anemones cover the well-exposed areas and usher in spring. At some distance a lady in costume comes towards us, which enhances the depth effect. The excellent choice of colors, which has tamed the light on the canvas, creates the almost palpable impression of a warm spring day.

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