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1859 Grenaa ‐ 1941 Fredensborg
“Flower Garden”, 1917
50 x 70 cm
Oil on canvas
Flowers, Fine Art

Galerie Paffrath

29,000 €
In the “Flower Garden” work, the gaze falls on a lush cottage garden, which is bordered by the white house with thatched roof and the adjoining shed. The window frames and doors are kept in the typical green, as was common in the Scandinavian countries. In addition to colourful flower beds, there are also vegetable plantations and fruit trees. A red brick church and several tall deciduous trees rise behind the property. A mother who looks out the door and a girl in the courtyard with a toddler enliven the garden. With his special feeling for light, Mönsted succeeds in reproducing the scene with fresh colours and liveliness.