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1865 Vinderød – 1922 Frederiksberg
„Beach on Jutes“
33 x 45 cm
Oil on canvas
Endless Summer, Fine Art, Up to 5,000 €

Galerie Paffrath

4,800 €
The Danish artist Knud Erik Larsen was born in Vinderød near Frederiksværk. He began his artistic career at the Copenhagen Art Academy, which he attended from 1883 to 1889. He traveled to Western Europe, Germany and Italy on grants. Since 1887 he began to send the Charlottenburg exhibition in Copenhagen and international exhibitions almost annually. He received many awards, such as the Neuhausensche Premium in 1893, the 1894 Annual Medal and the Eckersberg Medal in 1898. He was also given a seat in the academy assembly. Larsen initially painted realistic genre pictures, later also portraits, landscapes and figure pictures from the north-west Jutian peasant life.
The painting “Beach on Jutes” should also count among these pictures. Several fishermen are busy with their sailing boats on an extensive sandy beach. The slightly cloudy sky, through which the sun’s rays shine on the surging sea, blends in harmoniously with the earthy tones of the landscape. The fresh atmosphere is captured well by the flowing brushstroke.

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