Louis-Gustave Cambier: Autumn Sun, 1911

Cambier, Louis-Gustave

1874 Brussels – 1949 Brussels

Short information about the artist

The Belgian Louis-Gustave Cambier was a very popular painter and graphic artist. He studied at the Brussels Art Academy with Jean-François Portaels and later continued his education with Paul Signac in Paris. He was also in contact with Maurice Denis, Paul Sérusier and Ker Xavier Roussel, who belonged to the artist group Nabis. He made many trips, including to Palestine, Asia Minor, Turkey and Brittany. His subjects range from portraits, landscapes and still lifes to interiors. But Cambier also appeared as a sculptor in the Brussels Salon in 1884 with the work “Après la pêche”. From 1914 to 1948 he was a professor at the Academy in Nice and lived in Cannes, where he was in contact with Auguste Renoir. Later he worked in Namur.
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