Zschimmer, Emil

1842 Großwig ‐ 1917 Schmiedeberg
"May evening in Tiefthal - Erfurt", 1885
97 x 80 cm
Oil on canvas
Fine Art
Galerie Paffrath
12,500 €

The May evening in Tiefthal - Erfurt originated in his time in Weimar and Erfurt, the 1880s. A village street leads up the hill to the church, in whose onion dome a maypole is set. White and yellow half-timbered houses line the street, on which there is a children's group and in the front right three women in traditional costumes are talking. On the right side the scene is crowned by a tree with blooming lilacs in front of it. There are more flowering bushes and trees across the street.
Zschimmer succeeds in capturing and conveying the cheerful spring mood in a precise, naturalistic painting style.