Wraske, Johann Christian

1817 Hamburg ‐ 1896 Hamburg
"Flower children", 1850
120 x 113 cm
Oil on canvas
Galerie Paffrath
24,000 €

The work "Flower Children" shows two girls nestled in a friendly manner in Tondo. While the black-haired girl in a red and green dress throws the straw hat next to her into the grass and has laid her hands on her head, the blonde girl gently embraces her waist. In front of a vast green landscape, the children pose and at the same time present their collected flowers. The soft colouring of the girls and the exact reproduction of the materiality reveal the high artistic level. The work is in the Nazarene tradition of brunettes and blondes, which Friedrich Overbeck founded with his painting "Italia and Germania". Within the Dusseldorf School of Painting, the topic was repeatedly reflected in a changed form, including the "Leonors" of his teacher Carl F. Sohn.
Today there are three paintings by Wraske in the Hamburger Kunsthalle.