weitere Künstler/ various artists < EUR 5.000

"Albert Hinrich Hussmann: Trotting foal"
31 x 35.5 cm
< 5.000
Galerie Paffrath
3,500 €

Albert Hinrich Hussmann (1874 Lüdingworth - Fürstenberg 1946) grew up near Cuxhaven before starting his studies at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin with W. Friedrich, P. Meyerheim and G. Janensch. Together with the painters Fritz Geyer, Ernst Boch u. a. he founded the "St. Lukas Guild". Hussmann specialized primarily in animal sculptures and especially in horse and rider representations. After completing his studies, he became a professor at the Berlin School of Fine Arts. From 1899, Hussmann submitted works to the Great Berlin Art Exhibition almost every year, mostly equestrian statuettes such as "Don Quixote", "Kentaur" or "Traveling Knight". His main work "Dying Amazon" was in the possession of the Prussian state. In 1914 he was awarded a gold medal by Kaiser Wilhelm II for one of his equestrian statues. The work "Grazing Horse" was purchased in 1924 by Gustav Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach for the park of Villa Hügel.

Trotting foal (bronze) belongs to the series of his small-format bronze statuettes, which Hussmann made of horses. The two front legs are still in the air, while the rear legs push away from the ground. The foal looks elegant and light, which speaks for the championship of Hussmann, who was able to convey this impression despite the heavy metal.

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