weitere Künstler/ various artists < EUR 5.000

"Nel Grönland: Flower still life", 1906
21 x 29.5 cm
Oil on wood
< 5.000
Galerie Paffrath
4,500 €

Born in the artist colony of Barbizon and as son of the German-Danish painter Theude Grönland, Nel Grönland's (1859 Barbizon – Paris 1918) artistic career was almost inevitable. He studied at the Royal Prussian Academy of Art in Berlin as pupil of Julius Schrader. Between 1890 and 1910, Grönland went on several journeys to the Netherlands. He was fascinated by the great dutch still-life paintings and tradition.

The still life Summer Flowers represent various apsects of the artistic talent of Nel Grönland. On the one hand the dimmed background and clean table evoke calmness, on the other hand the bold brush stroke and bright colours adjust the spotlight to the flowers.

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