weitere Künstler/ various artists < EUR 5.000

"Svend Danelund: Skagen", 1948
30 x 38 cm
Oil on wood
< 5.000
Galerie Paffrath

The Danish painter Svend Danelund (1916 - 2001) received his training at the technical school and practiced painting as an autodidact. Landscapes in particular were his preferred subject. The simplified forms of expression and the inherent silence of his works are striking. He was born in Skagen, where he lived until the end of his life and which became his favorite motif in his pictures.

The view falls on the romantic, lyrical painting of the distant lighthouse of Skagen. It is early evening and the darkness is just settling on the sandy beach and the sea, on which the last pink glow of the sky is still reflected. Danelund succeeds in capturing and conveying the special atmosphere in the evening.

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