weitere Künstler/ various artists < EUR 5.000

"Philipp Franck: Landscape in spring"
34 x 45 cm
Aquarelle on paper
< 5.000
Galerie Paffrath
4,500 €

In addition to Max Liebermann and Lovis Corinth, Philipp Franck (1860 Frankfurt - Berlin 1944) is one of the leading representatives of German Impressionism. Franck did not only have a friendship with Max Liebermann, they also had a close artistic collaboration. In 1898 they established the Berlin Secession. Philipp Franck's works are regularly displayed in the years 1899-1916 in the secession exhibitions. As a member of the Munich Secession he is also exhibited in southern Germany. In 1884 he received the bronze medal at the exhibition in London. In 1919 he became a member of the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin and took part in the Academy's exhibitions until 1944.
His work is characterized mainly by landscapes that depict atmospheric moments in style of the Impressionism.
Today, works by Philipp Franck are in the "Museum Giersch" in Frankfurt a. M. In honor of his 150th birthday, a retroperspective was held in the "Museum Giersch" and in the "Brohan Museum" in Berlin in the winter of 2009 and spring of 2010.

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