weitere Künstler/ various artists < EUR 5.000

"Henrik Jespersen: View into the Colosseum", 1897
75.5 x 55 cm
Oil on canvas
< 5.000
Galerie Paffrath
4,500 €

The Danish painter Henrik Jespersen (1853 - 1936) was initially trained as an engineer, worked as an accountant for a year until he went to the Copenhagen Academy in 1879. Without feeling directly obliged to a teacher, he attended the art academy until 1882. As early as 1880, he regularly exhibited landscape paintings. His travels took him to Tyrol, Italy, Norway and Sweden. Above all, it was important to him to reproduce the sunlight, so that he succeeded in using optical illusion means to paint the sun as if it dazzled the viewer. He won several prizes, such as Sødringësche in 1884, the Neuhausenësche Prize in 1889, the annual medal in 1895 and the bronze medal at the Paris World Exhibition in 1900. In 1903 he became a member of the plenary assembly of the academy.

View into the Colosseum opens up the view through one of the basement corridors of the Colosseum, the ruins of which didn't look much different in 1897 than they do today. The view wanders through the multi-vaulted corridor into the arena. The darkness is broken up again and again by glistening sunlight that shines through the openings on the side. The strong contrast between the lighted areas and the dark areas is clearly delineated. Jespersen succeeds in making the memory of the bright summers and darkened rooms almost palpable through the light-dark contrast.

His works are represented in international private and public collections such as the Hirschsprungsammlung, the Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck and the National Museum in Stockholm.

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