Uecker, Günther

1930 Wendorf
"Patagonia, No. 46", 1996
20 x 21 cm
Aquarelle on paper
Galerie Paffrath
12,500 €

Günther Uecker is a versatile artist. His best-known works of art include the nail art, which was first created in 1955 while studying with Otto Pankok in Düsseldorf. He has been painting watercolors since the mid-1970s and represents Uecker's travels. They attest to his keen eye for foreign landscapes and cultures. The Patagonia watercolour cycle, created during a trip through South America in 1996, illustrates this artistic interest in an impressive way. Here he was mainly interested in natural events, such as winds, clouds, rain and fog and their color expressions in nature. Glazing, he lets strong colors run into each other and thus reflects the moment he has experienced.

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