Schadow, Wilhelm von

1788 Berlin ‐ 1862 Düsseldorf
"Man with beard (Jacob Becker, called Becker von Worms)", 1832
97.6 x 76.4 cm
Oil on canvas
Galerie Paffrath
Price on request

The sitter is the 22-year-old Jakob Becker (1810-1872) from Worms, who later gained fame as one of the outstanding representatives of the Düsseldorf genre painting and professor at the Städel Art Institute. His representative appearance is nobilitized by the Rheinromantik in the background. The castle ruin Rolandseck can be seen as well as the Siebengebirge with the Drachenfels on the other side. Schadow's claim is here to place the Düsseldorf painters on an elevated social position. (Grewe 2017, pp. 277-279)