Morgenstern, Carl

1811 Frankfurt am Main ‐ 1893 Frankfurt am Main
"Amalfi coast", 1849
36 x 52 cm
Oil on canvas
Fine Art
Galerie Paffrath
18,500 €

Italy and its magical coasts: the greatest promise for painters in the 19th century. Even the young Carl Morgenstern can be attracted, leaves the confines of his home in Frankfurt and visited Italy from 1834-37. On the Amalfi Coast and on Capri, Morgenstern finds the light that characterizes his art.

For his work "Amalfi Coast" Morgenstern chooses a viewpoint on the beach, from which the view of the rocky town of Amalfi goes. In the foreground, fishermen bring in their nets while a larger sailboat approaches from the left. The light shines over the clear sky and breaks easily in the humid air above the water. The strong and clear colours support the lighting effect of the scenery.

Like his teacher Rottmann, Morgenstern can also be counted among the Romantics. Most of his works are in museums in Frankfurt, Berlin, Bremen, Kiel, Munich and Wiesbaden.

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