Mönsted, Peder

1859 Grenaa ‐ 1941 Fredensborg
"Heath landscape", 1909
26 x 18 cm
Oil on canvas
Spring exhibition
Galerie Paffrath
9,500 €

From a hill, a panorama extends to a sunny Heath landscape in northern Europe. The foreground is dominated by a heather-covered slope, from whose narrow path you can see into the distance. There is a harmonious forested hill behind the next, between which meanders a quiet river with islands. White clouds are piling up against the light blue sky on the horizon, emphasizing the bright and friendly impression of the sunny day. Presumably, the small works plein-air (in nature) originated, for which the material and the size would speak.
Peder Mönsted traveled a lot and recorded landscapes in many ways. If he did not paint on-site like this, drawings and oil sketches as well as photos were usually used as a reminder. Nevertheless, every time the color expression in Mönsted's works fascinates, to which even a photo is inferior.

Heath landscape is included in the supplement of the catalog raisonné (Paffrath 2013) under the number 1909_36.

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