Mönsted, Peder

1859 Grenaa ‐ 1941 Fredensborg
"Birch forest in the autumn light", 1903
114 x 70.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Fine Art
Galerie Paffrath
48,000 €

He has become famous for his almost photorealistic representations of forests, forest clearings and forest streams in his Scandinavian homeland.
Also the work Birch forest in the autumn light belongs in this subject. A mirror-smooth brook leads through a birch forest, whose leaves have already turned bright yellow. On the red-leafed bank, two birds have settled down to inspect the creek attentively. Mönsted succeeds in capturing the early autumn calm with the yellow and brown leaves as well as the silent brook and at the same time creating a fresh atmosphere.

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In the Forest

In the Forest

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