Kleinschmidt, Paul

1883 Bublitz ‐ 1949 Bensheim
"Pastries and lilies of the valley", 1932
25.5 x 35.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Fine Art
Galerie Paffrath
19,500 €

Kleinschmidt's painting style alternates between Expressionism, New Objectivity and radical realism. This is also clear in the picture of pastries and lilies of the valley: the many tarts and patisseries next to a bouquet of lilies of the valley are painted with thick impasto brushstrokes and strong contrasts. In a letter from September 15, 1932 to Erich Cohn, Kleinschmidt mentioned the still life: "I worked well again, had two very small but superb still lifes of one pink and red rose each 25 x 35 cm, the other pastries and lilies of the valley ..." and on November 1st. 1932: “The two small oil paintings are intended for you both as Christmas gifts, each painting has a small dedication”.