Clarenbach, Max

1880 Neuss ‐ 1952 Wittlaer
"Winter sun on the Lower Rhine"
60 x 80 cm
Oil on canvas
Fine Art
Galerie Paffrath
14,800 €

Inspired by his teacher Eugen Dücker, Clarenbach sought motifs for his plein air painting in his home in the Rhineland, such as this delightful bank of the Rhine in winter. We are on a path near the Rhine that leads straight to Wittlaer. The striking church tower surrounded by the houses and the Rhine pastures is typical of the place. The winter sun shines dull through the overcast sky and creates a warm, diffuse light that creates reflections of the trees on the Rhine. A cozy winter atmosphere exudes the picture and remains subtle in color.

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Winter sun

Winter sun

9,800 €

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