Cavaillès, Jules

1901 Carmaux ‐ 1977 Épineuil
"Flower still life in a red interior", c. 1964
81 x 64.7 cm
Oil on canvas
Galerie Paffrath
39,000 €

Jules Cavaillès was able to use the interplay of colors and shapes to compose works that exude a calm, yet lively atmosphere. So it is with the painting Still Life with Flowers in a Red Interior. At the center is a bouquet of white and red flowers. The background consists of delicate shades of pink and red. These strongly dominating hues are broken up by light blue color accents, which are placed harmoniously in the room, like the blue grapes in the bowl on the left front, which are also contrasted with a light blue object on the right side or the dark blue flower parts in the bouquet. This interaction of strong colors and pastel colors creates a harmonious mood.

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19,500 €

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