Johann Christian Wraske

Wraske, Johann Christian

1817 Hamburg ‐ 1896 Hamburg

Information about the artist

Johann Christian Wraske worked after a brief artistic training as a drawing teacher at an orphanage in Hamburg, while he was also active as the second lead singer at the main church of St. Peter. From 1842 to 1852 he studied at the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts under Carl Ferdinand Sohn, Theodor Hildebrandt and Wilhelm von Schadow portrait and history painting. After his studies he worked again in the two offices in Hamburg, until he traveled to Dusseldorf in 1853 and became a member of the artist association Malkasten. From 1861 he lived again in Hamburg and became a member of the Hamburger Künstlerverein. Additional inspiration he got on his travels to Paris, Munich and Vienna.

Works of art