Jeanne Selmersheim-Desgrange

Selmersheim-Desgrange, Jeanne

1877 Paris ‐ 1958 St-Tropez

Information about the artist

Jeanne Selmersheim-Desgrange grew up in an artistic environment, as many artists and architects belonged to her family. Around 1900, she married the artisan and architect Pierre-Eugène Selmersheim, with whom she had three children. Selmersheim-Desgrange began to devote herself to painting and became a student of Paul Signac. Since 1909 they came closer and were a couple a year later. She lived at Signac's Villa La Hune in St. Tropez. In 1912 they moved to Cap d'Antibes, where their daughter Geneviève was born in the same year.
She created most of her paintings at the beginning of her career in St. Tropez from 1909 in the style of Neo-Impressionism and Pointillism under the influence of Signac. Especially landscapes, gardens and still lifes determine her oeuvre.

Works of art