Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl

1884 Rottluff bei Chemnitz ‐ 1976 Berlin

Information about the artist

"(...) I know I have no program, only the inexplicable desire to take what I see and feel, and to find the purest expression ..."
(Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, quoted by Brix in. Möller 1992, pp 257-258.)
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff is still one of the most famous expressionists. As co-founder of the famous artist group "Die Brücke", alongside with Max Pechstein and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and as a major representative of classical modernism, Schmidt-Rottluff plays an important role in the history of art.
During his lifetime his works are displayed in numerous international exhibitions, first in Europe and later in the United States.
Since 1947 he has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Charlottenburg in Berlin. His estate was given to the city of Berlin as a gift from the artist in 1964. Three years later, the "Brücke Museum" has opened, which gives interested visitors an insight into the expressionist world.

Works of art