Walter Ophey

Ophey, Walter

1882 Eupen ‐ 1930 Düsseldorf

Information about the artist

Besides August Macke and Heinrich Nauen, Walter Ophey is one of the main representatives of Expressionism in the Rhineland.
Since 1900 Walter Ophey studies at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf, where he is changing to the landscape class of Eugen Dücker in November 1904 and soon becomes his master pupil. In 1908 the Düsseldorfer painters Julius Bretz, Max Clarenbach, August Deusser, Wilhelm Schmurr and Walter Ophey founded the group "Sonderbund", which developed in the following years into one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary movements in Germany. In 1919 Ophey becomes member of the artists association "Junges Rheinland", which he co-founded in the same year in Düsseldorf.
Opheys œuvre evolved from Symbolism through Neo-Impressionism to expressionistic style trends.

Works of art