Hugo Oehmichen

Oehmichen, Hugo

1843 Borsdorf/ Leipzig ‐ 1939 Düsseldorf

Information about the artist

Hugo Oehmichen was a famous German genre painter of the 19th century.
After studying at the Dresden Art Academy, he moved, on the advice of his teacher Julius Hübner, to the Düsseldorf Art Academy in 1869 to study as pupil of Ludwig Knaus and Benjamin Vautier.
He went on field trips to the Rhine, the Moselle, Swabia, the Upper Rhine, followed by Hesse and Westphalia. In 1974 he was honoured with a Silver Medal at the exhibition in London. In 1885 he was awarded at the International Exhibition in Antwerp.
Urban and peasant everyday life formed the subject canon of his small-sized folk life scenes.

Works of art