Emil Nolde

Nolde, Emil

1867 Nolde ‐ 1956 Seebüll

Information about the artist

Emil Nolde was one of the leading painters of the Expressionism and, next to August Macke and Paul Klee, one of the first artists who rediscovered watercolour painting in the early 20th century.
Above all, his expressive choice of colours and the improvisational lightness of his compositions are characteristic for his watercolours.
The paintings of Emil Nolde belongs to the most emotional forms of expressionistic art. His art was designed to increase expression by intensifying the colours and gathering the shapes. Thematically, Emil Nolde dealt with religious paintings, landscapes and seascapes with a cosmic conception of nature and character, all designed by Emil Nolde from a mystical experience force. Especially appealing are his watercolours of flowers, the watercolour episode of "unpainted pictures" and his graphic work.

Works of art

Red rose hips

Red rose hips

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