Gabriele Münter

Münter, Gabriele

1877 Berlin ‐ 1962 Murnau

Information about the artist

In art history, Gabriele Münter applies not only to Paula Modersohn -Becker and Käthe Kollwitz as one of the most important painters of classical modernism in Germany. She was a founding member of the german artistic group "Blauer Reiter" and student of Wassily Kandinsky. Her work made a great contribution to the development of Expressionism: She simplified the forms and put the color as an essential expression and mood support of the image. Especially in the late phase of her oeuvre, the motifs are more abstract.
In the motives it comes to "formal artistic" processes, that is to say: The motifs are an abstraction of reality that does not focus on the natural mapping of the subject, but on the interplay of colors and shapes. It is an idea that is already going back to the intention of Paul Cézanne.

Works of art