Hugo Mühlig

Mühlig, Hugo

1854 Dresden ‐ 1929 Düsseldorf

Information about the artist

Hugo Mühlig himself summed up his early biography of a letter in his own words: "Born in Dresden on November 9, 1854, as the son of the well-known history painter Meno Mühlig in Dresden. Visited the Dresden Academy of Arts and was especially student of Professor V. P. Mohn, who now lives in Berlin, who at the time directed the studio of landscape painting instead of Professor Ludwig Richter. In 1881 I moved to Dusseldorf ... "



Hugo Mühlig is considered one of the internationally best known representatives of the late Dusseldorf school of painting. In Dusseldorf he found the characteristic style for him. With his impressionistic and near-natural motifs in brilliant painting technique Mühlig had conquered the favor of the Rhenish and numerous international collectors within a few years. Carl Batzner, prominent companion from Mühligs Willingshauser time, put it in a nutshell: "Mühlig was highly respected both as a person and as an artist. His works can be found in numerous museums. "(Quotation from the memoirs, 1932).


Lower Rhine

His favorite subjects were landscapes in connection with the representation of the rural population, which he collected on numerous excursions in the Düsseldorf area. His paintings are extremely bright and inspired by a remarkable observation of nature, the Harvest scenes, winter hunts or autumn walks can be traceable experiences.


Hunting motives

"Still far more famous than his autumnal hunts, however, were his winter hunting pieces, which combine a brilliant snow painting with the complete mastery of staffage figures. (...) It was above all these <Wintermühligs> who brought fame and prosperity to the painter in Dusseldorf. "(Dirk Kocks:" Weltkunst ", 15.2.1983, p. 387.) This estimate by Dirk Kocks corresponds quite well to the Collector preferences of past decades, as Mühligs winter landscapes already belonged to the much admired highlights of the art exhibitions in Berlin, Dresden, Dusseldorf and Munich. The hunts on the Lower Rhine knew Hugo Mühlig from his own point of view. Often he accompanied the hunting companies for a whole day, in order to be able to convey an authentic picture of the event, despite the bitter cold.


Museums and collections

The appreciation of Hugo Mühlig's works has steadily increased over the past decades. As a "secret star of the art market" he was awarded a few years ago in the press. His early major works were sold mainly to England and America. Today, most of his oeuvre is privately owned. Today, works by Hugo Mühlig can not only be found in numerous private collections, but also in various museums in Germany, such as the Nationalgalerie Berlin, the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, the Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister in Dresden , the State and Municipal Art Collections (Neue Galerie) in Kassel and the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Cologne.



Unfortunately the book "Hugo Mühlig (1854 Dresden - Düsseldorf 1929)" is out of print.

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Field work

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