Hugo Mühlig

Mühlig, Hugo

1854 Dresden ‐ 1929 Düsseldorf

Information about the artist

Hugo Mühlig summarized his life in his early biography in a few words in a letter: "Born in Dresden on November, the 9th, 1854 , the son of a well-known historical painter in Dresden, Meno Mühlig. Visited the Dresden Art Academy and was a speical student of professor V. P. Mohn, who lived in Berlin at this time and directed the studio of landscape painting instead of professor Ludwig Richter. In 1881, I moved to Dusseldorf ... "
The academic style of the late Romanticism in Dresden was only shortly prominent in the œuvre of Hugo Mühlig. Immediately after his move to Dusseldorf, he developed his very personal and distinctive style of naturalistic painting, which led to a constant demand in the Rhineland, but also led to sales to England and America.

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