Jaques Germain

Germain, Jaques

1915 Paris ‐ 2001 Paris

Information about the artist

Jacques Germain was, together with Georges Matheiu, Vieira da Silva and Riopelle, an internationally recognized member of Lyrical Abstraction, a French group of artists of the post-war period, who are regarded as forerunners and representatives of Informel.
As a young art student he was a student of Fernand Léger at the Academie Moderne in Paris (1930), Wassily Kandinsky and Josef Albers at the Bauhaus in Dessau (1931-1932) and Willi Baumeister at the Städelschule in Frankfurt (1932-1933). Thanks to the influence of his teachers, Jacques Germain quickly found abstract painting, which was initially geometrically dominated, but increasingly found gestural expression after the Second World War.
Since 1947 he took part regularly in international exhibitions, among others on the side of Arp, Hartung, Mathieu, Wols, Kandinsky and Silva. His works are also represented in museums in Paris, Bremen, Bergen and Oslo.

Works of art