Paul Fischer

Fischer, Paul

1860 Copenhagen ‐ 1934 Copenhagen

Information about the artist

The Danish painter Paul Fischer received his education at the Copenhagen Art Academy from 1876-78. Since 1884 he has been represented in numerous European exhibitions with landscapes and impressionist figures, where international art collectors became aware of him and bought his colourful paintings. Fischer's oeuvre is likely to be scattered in many countries today. His popularity in Anglo-American and, of course, in the Scandinavian-speaking world is explained by the cheerful and at the same time highly original choice of subject of his paintings.
The best-known motifs from his oeuvre are cityscapes of Copenhagen, followed by beach scenes, or the combination of people and nautical themes. His works were exhibited between 1880 and 1920, among others in Charlottenburg, Chicago, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Oslo and Stockholm.

Works of art