Themistokles von Eckenbrecher

Eckenbrecher, Themistokles von

1842 Athen ‐ 1921 Goslar

Information about the artist

Born in Athens, Themistocles of Eckenbrecher was raised in Constantinople (now Istanbul) where his early drawings were recognized by the audience when he was only 13 years old. In 1861 Eckenbrecher came to Dusseldorf as a private student of Oswald Achenbach, where he remained until 1867. Later on numerous travels took him halfway around the world and expanded his repertoire of motifs considerably.
At art exhibitions in Germany in the 1870s, Themistocles von Eckenbrecher's large-sized landscapes from Norway and Switzerland made him one of the most recognized German landscape painters.
From today's perspective, however, his drawings and watercolors appear more interesting and artistically imaginative than the pictures from his the late period.

Works of art