Heinrich Maria Davringhausen

Davringhausen, Heinrich Maria

1894 Aachen ‐ 1970 Nizza

Information about the artist

Heinrich Maria Davringhausen was a German painter of the New Objectivity and Magic Realism.
After studying at the Dusseldorf Art Academy between 1913-14 Davringhausen joined the artist group "Junges Rheinland" and became a member of the Berlin November Group. By participating in the exhibition 'New Objectivity' in Mannheim (1925) and subsequently founding the artist group of the same name, he influenced a new art movement.
His avant-garde creative period was interrupted by the rise of the Nazis: 200 of his works were removed from public museums and rated as 'degenerate art', Davringhausen was banned from all exhibitions.
After fleeing into exile in southern France his work was increasingly influenced by abstract art.

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