Max Clarenbach

Clarenbach, Max

1880 Neuss ‐ 1952 Wittlaer

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Max Clarenbach is one of the most important figures in Rhineland painting after the turn of the century.


Art Academy Düsseldorf

From humble circumstances, however, gifted with extraordinary talent, he enters at the age of 13 on the intercession of Andreas Achenbach in the Dusseldorf Academy. His first teachers are Professors Heinrich Lauenstein and Arthur Kampf. Soon Max Clarenbach enters the landscape class of Professor Eugen Dücker (1897-1901). This encourages the young painter in his tendency to landscape representation - especially the landscape of his own homeland - and teaches him the principles of open-air painting.



In 1901 Clarenbach rented a studio in Wittlaer, where the great architect J. M. Olbrich (1867-1908) later planned a villa for him. One year later, the "Silent Day" came into being and earned him international recognition as well as the Grand Golden Medal in Vienna.



In 1909, with the founding of the artist group "Sonderbund" with the painters Julius Bretz, August Deusser, Walter Ophey, Wilhelm Schmurr and the brothers Alfred and Otto Sohn-Rethel, he brought German landscape painting closer to the French Impressionists. Between 1909-1912, Clarenbach's paintings were shown alongside Monet, van Gogh, Gauguin or Cezanne in Düsseldorf and Cologne. In 1917, Max Clarenbach inherited his teacher Dücker and became professor of landscape painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy.



Winter landscapes are the focal point of Clarenbach's Ouevre, his name today is almost synonymous with the artistic coverage of the Rhenish winter. Along the Erft and in the surroundings of Wittlaer, Clarenbach found the motives that inspired him throughout his life.
Clarenbach's paintings have been acquired by numerous Rhenish museums, as well as the museums in Berlin, Mainz, Strasbourg and the Art Gallery in Buffalo (USA).



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