Julius Victor Carstens

Carstens, Julius Victor

1849 Lübeck ‐ 1908 Munich

Information about the artist

Julius Victor Carstens was born in 1849 in Nusse near Lübeck. He studied painting in Weimar with Paul Thulmann and Ferdinand W. Pauwels. The latter accompanied Carstens on trips to Holland and Belgium. Finally he settled in Munich and frequented other young painters like Stäbli, Dill, Langhammer and Holmberg. Despite these connections, he was not influenced by the "Sezession" that had arisen at that time, and he remained faithful to the factual, exact execution of his works. He made a name for himself above all through his entertaining genre scenes, still lifes, portraits and interiors. He participated several times in exhibitions in Berlin and regularly in the Munich Glass Palace. After his death, his estate was exhibited in the Munich Kunstverein and found numerous buyers.

Works of art