Hans Andersen Brendekilde

Brendekilde, Hans Andersen

1857 Brendekilde ‐ 1942 Jyllinge

Information about the artist

Hans Andersen Brendekilde began his artistic career as a stonemason: first he studied sculpture, then painting at the Academy in Copenhagen, specializing in landscape and genre scenes.
On his numerous trips abroad, including France, Italy, Egypt and Syria, he made the acquaintance of the modern movements of the painting, the luminous and sensual ambience of the Orientalists and the characteristic style of the Impressionists. In 1889/90 and again in 1894/95 Brendekilde visited Germany, where the interest in Scandinavian painting in the cities of Berlin and Munich only just awakes.
After the turn of the century his brightly lit illustrations from the Danish country life can be seen at many exhibitions (Paris, 1889, Munich, 1891, Chicago 1893 London 1907).

Works of art

Soap bubbles

Soap bubbles

38,000 €