Carl Arp

Arp, Carl

1867 Kiel ‐ 1913 Weimar

Information about the artist

Carl Arp was a German landscape painter, founding member of the Schleswig-Holstein Art Cooperative and representative of the Weimar School of Painting. From 1886 he studied at the Weimar Art School with Theodor Hagen and Leopold von Kalckreuth. He then went to Italy for a few years (Capri, Sicily, Venice) and spent the summers in Tyrol and Switzerland. In 1912 he became a professor at the Weimar Academy.

Carl Arp is considered one of the main representatives of "Plein air" painting in Germany. His landscapes (mostly motifs from Schleswig-Holstein and Weimar's surroundings) are characterized by the exact study of nature and the lighting conditions.

Carl Arp had a close friendship with Christian Rohlfs. He was also the cousin of the sculptor Hans Arp. His works were shown at the time in major exhibitions in Munich, Berlin and Dusseldorf. Today, his works are in private collections and museums, such as the Museum in Weimar and the Kunsthalle in Kiel.

Works of art