Lucien Adrion

Adrion, Lucien

1889 Strasbourg ‐ 1953 Paris

Information about the artist

The French painter Lucien Adrion completed an apprenticeship as a technical draftsman in his home town of Strasbourg from 1905-1908 before working as a fashion draftsman in Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and London. During World War II he served in the German army. In 1918 he then took on French citizenship. In the same year he took lessons from the etcher Prof. H. Stuck in Berlin and moved back to Strasbourg a year later. In 1920 he finally went to Paris and was sponsored by the gallery owners Chéron, Libande and Bigne. Until 1939 Adrion made many trips to Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Algeria, Spain and Monte Carlo.

Works of art