Oswald Achenbach

Achenbach, Oswald

1827 Düsseldorf ‐ 1905 Düsseldorf

Information about the artist

Oswald Achenbach and his older brother Andreas went down as "brilliant brothers" in art history and were the most internationally renowned artists of the Düsseldorf School of Painting.
The works of both landscape painters were purchased by museums and private collectors around the world. Their worldwide reputation attracted more than 100 young artists from Russia, America and Scandinavia to study in Dusseldorf.


Art Academy Dusseldorf

Raised in Dusseldorf, Oswald Achenbach started attending the art academy at the age of eight. One of his first experiences was a trip to Italy, which displays in his artistic work; the many sketches and paintings from the early fifties werre strongly influenced by the beautiful Italian landscapes.



After a great success of Oswald Achenbach's first exhibition successes, the young painter's works were quickly recognised by the public. In 1852, the Amsterdam Academy affiliated the 25 year old painter as an Honorary Member, followed by: the Academies of Petersburg, Rotterdam, Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Stockholm.


Professor's chair

In 1863, Oswald Achenbach inherited Hans Fredrik Gude and became professor of landscape painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. His students included Albert Arnz, Gregor von Bochmann and Themistocles von Eckenbrecher. His worldwide reputation attracted more than 100 young painters from Russia, America and Scandinavia to study in Dusseldorf. Oswald Achenbach also recommended to his students the study of the works of his brother Andreas Achenbach as well as works by William Turner and Gustave Courbet. In 1872 he resigned from his professorship and went in the following years on a longer trip to Italy to Florence, Rome, Naples and Sorrento and a trip to northern Italy. 1905 Oswald Achenbach died at the age of 77 years in Dusseldorf.


Museums and collections

His works can be found in numerous museums and private collections on every continent.

Works of art

Roman Park

Roman Park

34,000 €

Lake Nemi near Albano

Lake Nemi near Albano

Price on request

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