1867-1878: Johann Baptiste Paffrath

The master carpenter Johann Baptiste Paffrath lays the foundation for the Kunsthaus Paffrath.





1878 - 1918: George Paffrath

With the general upswing in Düsseldorf as an industrial and commercial city in the Wilhelmine era the gallery Paffrath grows on the Jacobistraße 14a. Under George Paffrath and his wife Toni is from the carpentry workshop of the art trade Paffrath. Wealthy citizens are purchasing works by Achenbach or other contemporary artists of the Düsseldorf school. The gallery is becoming recognized as an art institution in the town and attracts around 1914: the Königsallee 46th



1918-1944: Hans Georg and Paffrath

The brothers Hans and Georg Paffrath share the commercial and artistic director of the gallery and expand with a keen sense of the zeitgeist of the offer to other masters of 19th century. Relationships with artists and collectors from England, Italy, France, Scandinavia and USA Paffrath make an important international art house. In addition an intensive consultant for large German museums.




1948 - 1987: Hans-Georg Paffrath

After the destruction and the business standstill during the last war and postwar years builds Hans-Georg Paffrath with great commitment and trading house again. The gallery is, by now a oHG to its former greatness, and especially to their artistic roots and held back.




1987 to present: Hans Paffrath

Today's gallery owner Hans Paffrath leads now in its fifth generation continues, what distinguished the founder of the house Paffrath: enthusiasm for important paintings of the
19th century, especially the Düsseldorf School, and skill in order to act for the benefit of an international customer base. This specialization, Hans Paffrath also an important advisor to museums and art editors of selected literature. Under his leadership the exhibition, the gallery program has won with Scandinavian art and artists of classical modernism a new profile.

Johann Baptist Paffrath 
(1812 - 1880)

Franz Georg Paffrath 
(1847 - 1925)

Hans Christian Paffrath 
(1877 - 1958)

Hans-Georg Paffrath 
(1922 - 2013)

Hans Paffrath 
(geb. 1959)