What is AAA art?

AAA art is the new The concept of Hans Paffrath is based on a "three-pillar program" that strategically latches in the core functions of the trade in art. The gallery is already benefiting from a 35% share of international buyers, AAA art will be able to share these still significantly increase.

These are the three channels of AAA art:

A - credit rating of the seller

Over the past 30 years, the gallery Paffrath has more than 8000 paintings sold worldwide without a single complaint. This warranty is for the credit and is a fundamentally important prerequisite for the transaction of business.


A - quality in the name of the gallery Paffrath

The gallery is a brand of trust and an owner-managed structure that has been active for five generations in the art trade. Solid market knowledge and reputation are the foundation of a high quality vouches for the name.


A - binding rules on transparency

The gallery immediately executes only a Flatfee of 10% for buyers and 10% for sellers in the mediation (commission). This self-regulatory warranty in the sales process is a quantum leap in the art trade, because here the handling of transfer of ownership is binding and clearly defined. No excessive bills, no excessive commissions, but a fair and transparent instruments are buyer and seller hereby available.